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Father Christmas Versus Santa Claus – Chapter Book

We’ve wondered for years... Is Father Christmas in Lapland? Is Santa Claus at the North Pole? No! It’s Christmas Eve, silly. They’re delivering presents... to the same house on US/UK Pancake Island – where unfortunately, they’ve woken the half-British half-American Smith-Jones family. Uh-oh! Ho! Ho! Ho…. Will Father Christmas learn to work with, or against, his rival Santa? Can Father Christmas do a passable American accent? And why is Pancake Island so-named? (It was discovered on Pancake Day. That was easy.) All will be revealed in this fun, funny, festive, never-before-seen showdown between two of Christmas’s greatest magical gift-bringers OF ALL TIME. From the writer of books Noah’s Car Park Ark, Hark! The Biography of Christmas, and TV shows Miranda, Not Going Out and Top Gear (yes it has writers).