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Here at CWLA, our staff and contributors have a shared goal to create engaging Picture & Early Chapter books for young readers.

Early Chapter Books: I have genuine empathy with parents of children that are reluctant readers, as a mum of two boys myself, it can be incredibly hard to engage some children with reading. I believe there is a real need in the industry to create stimulating children’s content as a key stepping-stone into independent reading with Early Chapter books. This reading age group are very loyal to a ‘good’ series, which is often overlooked by writers and illustrators who either target at a higher age level with more detailed chapter books, or a much younger age group with picture books. Our aim here is to bring a wider selection into the market by ensuring the storylines are engaging, relevant and by offering different formats, easier reading text and just by creating great stories! 

Picture Books: As co-founder of one of the leading illustration agencies, I have over 20 years of experience in Children’s Publishing. I understand how important it is to match artwork and text to present an obvious choice to publishers. The enormous goodwill I have built up with 100’s of illustrators, and my reputation for having a high conversion rate, means that we can often produce speculative samples for publishers the same day. Clients benefit from how that translates into a smooth commissioning process.

I also understand the author’s side of the business. As a writer myself, I appreciate the fine balance of creative input with the pressure of deadlines. I really enjoy working with our like-minded authors who share the same passion of bringing immersive and imaginative content to market through young literature.

Caroline Wakeman

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Natasha Lavall

Senior Sales Agent

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Elizabeth Chase

Senior Editor

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Linda Tweini

Sales Agent

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Chris Herriott

Sales Agent

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Leonie Withoeft

Editorial Assistant

Our Senior Sales Agent here at CWLA is Natasha Lavall, a BA Graduate in Illustration who has worked for our sister Agency Advocate Art for 10 years as a successful Sales Agent, Manager and Illustrator. Natasha’s experience with the Publishing Marketing, and personal love and creativity with Illustration herself, enables her to be in a perfect position here at CWLA. Natasha has also just become a Mum herself, and so reading is now a wonderful daily bonding experience that she shares with her family, giving an additional angle to working with such a creative team.

Introducing Elizabeth (Lil) Chase as our newest Senior Editor! Lil has 15 years experience of editing and creating stories for some of the biggest selling children’s books around the world. She’s an author in her own right, having written 13 novels to date, many of which have sold internationally. She’s never happier than when polishing a manuscript to perfection.

Linda is our USA Sales Agent here at CWLA. She has many years of sales and marketing experience across various industries, including kids communication. She has received a BA in Graphic Design and Sales/Marketing from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Her love of books goes back to when she was a child - she volunteered as a librarian assistant at her local library at the age 10. With her extensive sales experience and her love for art and books, her passion translates into her work at CWLA. Connect with Linda to learn more about CWLA's authors and available rights!

Based in sunny Brighton, Chris is our UK Sales Agent here at Caroline Wakeman Literary Agency. He trained as an actor which led him to working in Film and TV production on TV commercials and high end content. Chris's prior experience in the TV and Film industry covered TV distribution and selling programmes to Channels around the world. Chris has also worked at our sister Agencies Advocate Art and Collaborate working with Children's content in varying marketings, with a lot of focus being in the Publishing market. Chris has a passion for film and animation and is your contact for TV and Film format sales too! Connect with Chris to learn more about CWLA’s authors and available rights!

Leonie Withoeft, our editorial assistant, is currently a student at the University of British Columbia studying with a focus on English Language and Literature as well as History. Leonie is trilingual, speaking fluent English, Spanish and German, and has had a love for English language since a young age. Reading has always been a great passion throughout her life and that translates into her work ethic here at CWLA.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline over the past 5 years and have benefited hugely from her knowledge and experience of the industry as well as her perceptiveness and skills as a writer/editor. Together we have been able to fulfil my dream of writing and illustrating my own stories with the prospect of even more publications in the future. Always an encouraging voice at the end of the phone who is both warm and approachable along with the upmost, professional integrity.”

Sally Anne Garland, Author

“Caroline is very professional and easy to work with. She has a genuine passion for every project and her warmth and humour make her incredibly approachable. I have worked with Caroline for many years now and it has always been a pleasure – I’m delighted to have her as my agent!”

Lucy Barnard, Author