Who’s A Clever Boy, Then? Is Included In Best Books of Humour 2022

Earlier this year Who’s a Clever Boy Then? became an instant Amazon bestseller. Now Waterstones has named it among the Best Humor Books of 2022! 

Featured with other hilarious ‘Cats and Dogs’ books, Waterstones says: “The cult genius behind Rubbish Pet Portraits gives a chucklesome insight into what is really on your pooch’s mind in this typically idiosyncratically illustrated volume.” 

This year, Phil won Justgiving’s prestigious Creative Fundraiser of the Year award. He’s raised over £200,000 for homeless charities Turning Tides and Streetvet, all through donations for his rubbish portraits of people’s family pets. Well done, Phil! 

Here at Caroline Wakeman Literary Agency, we are so proud of our author Phil Heckles’ charity work and his hilarious books. 
If you want to find out what’s so funny, why not get a copy of one of his books and see for yourself! Both of Hercule Van Wolfwinkle’s books – Rubbish Pet Portraits and Who’s a Clever Boy Then? – make great holiday gifts.

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