Natasha Lavall

Behind the scenes here we have mega organised Natasha, also known as our HR Manager, who keeps the business running smoothly ensuring that the wheels are inflated and the engine has its oil (metaphorically speaking of course). If you are in need of a beautiful spreadsheet, or an amazing list, you can rely on Natasha to give you some tips.

Alongside looking after her work family, she is also bossing her new role as a Mum with one of the company’s first Lockdown Babies. This new role enables her to have a deeper understanding of the world of children from a completely different angle.

Natasha also graduated with a BA in Illustration, leading her to be both crafty and creative, designing brilliant cards for our sister Agency Advocate Art. This leads into her second role as Head of Sales at Caroline Wakeman Literary Agency, taking on this new position after working as an Agent herself for over 10 years.