Paul Kerensa on Tour

Paul Kerensa is going on tour! He’s written a one man show in which he acts out all the parts.

Based on his podcast – The British Broadcasting Century ( the play tells the story of the invention of radio and the 100 years since the BBC made its first broadcast. Should radio be informative or for entertainment? Two men fought tooth and nail to decide. Paul tells the story in his own hilarious way. 

You can watch The First Broadcast – The Battle for the Beeb in 1922 at a venue near you!
Paul Kerensa has won ITV’s ‘Take The Mike’ Award, and was a finalist in The Daily Telegraph Open Mic Awards and the BBC New Comedy Awards. He’s written for many hit TV shows including Not Going Out, TFI Friday and Miranda.  Paul has also won numerous awards including, among other, the British Comedy Award in 2010 for Best New Comedy, and got nominated for the BAFTA 2010 Best Scripted Comedy award and Royal Television Society Award 2010 for Best Scripted comedy award.

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