Keeping Up with the Publishing Industry: How CWLA Agents Stay Informed

Today we hear Natasha Lavall’s insight into keeping up with the Publishing Industry. 

Keeping up with industry news is an important part of any job. Yet sometimes, it can pose a challenge. You have so much work to get done, that you forget to take time to check up on the industry. We asked our sales agents how they stay on top of industry news here at the Caroline Wakeman Literary Agency. 

Natasha Lavall is our senior sales agent at CWLA. She came from our sister agency, Advocate Art, where she had 10 successful years as a sales agent, manager, and illustrator. Her role at CWLA allows her to use her knowledge in publishing, marketing, and illustration to further the careers of established and aspiring authors. 

Natasha says The Bookseller is one of the best ways to keep up with the publishing industry, “I find that The Bookseller is a great resource to keep up with what’s going on in the publishing world, there are loads of interesting articles and announcements that keep me posted in a really quick and accessible way!”

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