Keeping Up with the Publishing Industry: How CWLA Agents Stay Informed

Today we hear Cassy Smith’s insight into keeping up with the Publishing Industry.

Cassy is our newest employee here at CWLA. As our editorial and marketing assistant, she focuses on helping proofread manuscripts, create sales files, and manage our social media. This role combines her previous experience in social media and graphic design, as well as her passion for storytelling and reading. 

“Since social media is a big part of my job, I also use it to check in on publishers and other industry professionals. It helps me stay informed about what people in the industry are talking about and see what trends are still popular. I also like to read updates and articles on Publishers Marketplace and the Bookseller, as well as just talking to the CWLA sales agents. There are many little ways for me to stay informed!” 

Caroline Wakeman Literary Agency focuses on picture and early chapter books. Based in London and New York City, we have a team of literary agents specializing in children’s books and young fiction. Our goal is to create engaging stories for young readers.