Keeping Up with the Publishing Industry: How CWLA Agents Stay Informed

Today we hear Chris Herriott’s insight into keeping up with the Publishing Industry. 

Chris is one of our UK Sales Agents here at CWLA. He is a trained actor, which led him to work in Film and TV production on TV commercials and high-end content. Chris’s prior experience in the TV and Film industry covered TV distribution and selling programs to channels around the world. Chris has also worked at our sister agencies, Advocate Art and Collaborate, working with children’s content in varying markets, with a lot of focus on publishing.

“I think the greatest way to stay up to date in the publishing world is to have great connections with your clients to help you stay on top of future trends and styles. By having a great connection with clients they will keep you in the loop with the latest developments and this will feel like a passing of information between friends rather than a client/agent relationship. You can’t just rely on this however, you have to do your bit too. So keeping yourself updated on publishing news via social media, industry publications, and comp shopping will provide you with your own intel and understanding of the landscape. Lastly, it helps to be a father of a 7-year-old so this keeps me up to date with the characters/animals and most on-trend children’s entertainment.” 

Caroline Wakeman Literary Agency focuses on picture and early chapter books. Based in London and New York City, we have a team of literary agents specializing in children’s books and young fiction. Our goal is to create engaging stories for young readers.