Keeping Up with the Publishing Industry: How CWLA Agents Stay Informed

Today we hear Kate Johnson’s insight into keeping up with the Publishing Industry. 

The Publishing Industry is always evolving and at times it can be hard to stay on top of new trends. You have so much work to get done, that you forget to take time to check up on the industry. We asked our sales agents how they stay on top of industry news. 

Kate Johnson has over 20 years of experience and insights in children’s publishing. Her expertise is in storytelling and creative synergy with younger audiences. As a CWLA sales agent, she has had the pleasure to work with authors and illustrators on a diverse range of stories. 

Kate highlighted her connection to other industry professionals as a key way to stay informed. This connection involves trade shows, meetings, asking for others’ opinions, and following clients and commissioners on social media.

She also underlined the importance of trade press such as Publishers Weekly and The Bookseller. As well as analyzing patterns in commissioning to preempt potential trends. 

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