First Place for Stephanie Ward’s Middle-Grade Manuscript

Huge congratulations to our author Stephanie Ward for winning first place at the Yeovil Literary Prize in the Children’s & YA category for her manuscript Aliens Are Coming (I’m 99.36% Sure This Time).

This year’s Children’s and YA category was judged by Hannah Gold, author of multi-award-winning novels The Last Bear, Finding Bear, and The Lost Whale. Here is what Hannah had to say about Aliens

“Not only did this feel original and quirky, I loved the voice and tone of the writing and it felt like something middle-grade readers would really enjoy. It also made me laugh out loud, which is always a good thing!”

We couldn’t be happier for Stephanie and this marvellous award!

Aliens Are Coming (I’m 99.36% Sure This Time) is a hilarious, tear-jerking middle-grade novel, for 8-12 year olds. This dual-narrative story is told through prose and the observation notes and transcripts of a young boy searching the stars for his Mom’s missing spaceship and a martian on his first exploration of Earth.

The manuscript for Aliens Are Coming (I’m 99.36% Sure This Time) still has rights available. Contact our sales team if you are interested!


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