Stephanie Ward

Stephanie spent many years writing press releases and technical papers before realising it was much more fun to make up her own stories. She enjoys writing children’s books and poems where the perspective is flipped around and adds a dash of humour whenever appropriate (and even when it’s inappropriate). Her stories and poems have been awarded various prizes around the world, most recently winning the Catherine Fenerty Humour Prize. 

Stephanie is the author of picture books Arabella and the Magic Pencil and of push-and-pop sensory storytime books, Clownfish Aren’t Funny and Don’t Laugh Giraffe. Her latest book, Hello Shark!, was just published with Imagine That. She is also a book reviewer for Armadillo Magazine. Too old to blame it on youth, she still hasn’t settled down and has visited all seven continents, lived in four countries, and become a citizen of three. At present, she can be found in London with her husband and young son.

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Published Books

  • Hello Shark!- Imagine That
  • Don’t Laugh Giraffe- Imagine That
  • Clownfish Aren’t Funny- Imagine That
  • Arabella and the Magic Pencil- EK Books
  • Awards
  • Winner of Catherine Fenerty Humour Prize