Sean Dooley

Sean Dooley is a secondary school English teacher with a passion for writing stories for young people. After graduating from Exeter University, he completed a PGCE in English and Drama before beginning his teaching career in Cambridge. Here his commitment to encouraging young people to read, write and think creatively led to a two-year Masters degree in Arts, Culture and Education at Cambridge University.

Sean has written two plays which are published by LazyBeeScripts and have been performed in the UK, America, Australia and New Zealand. His novel ‘1666’ won the WriteMentor Children’s Novel Award 2021 and was shortlisted in the Bath Children’s Novel Award 2019.

Having recently spent two years teaching in Shanghai, Sean currently lives in Cambridge with his wife and son who are both very tolerant of his love of Lego. He is a member of the Cambridge branch of the National Writing Project and in his spare time he enjoys slack-lining, martial arts and unicycling.

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  • “The Goodbridge Million”- LazyBeeScripts
  • “Local News”- LazyBeeScripts
  • Awards
  • Winner of WriteMentor Children’s Novel Award, 2021
  • Shortlisted in Bath Children’s Novel Award 2019
  • Longlisted in Flash500 Novel Opening 2019
  • ‘Voxmort: The Stone of Death’ – Longlisted in Bath Children’s Novel Award 2017.