Amazon Number 1 Best Seller

Julia Seal’s ‘Real Superheroes’ has reached number 1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers list with its beautiful illustrations and rhyming text. This heartfelt message to all the essential workers is relevant now more than ever, with the UK facing the new lockdown. Be sure to check it out on Amazon.

Top Review from LittleReaderLoves:

We picked up this lovely little book in the middle of the spring lockdown, and as we enter a new lockdown, it seems a good time to share it. Real Superheroes by Julia Seal is a lovely tribute to the important work our keyworkers carry out.

Lots of people love superheroes – but when has a superhero ever actually helped anyone? The children in this book aspire to be more like real life superheroes, the people who help to keep our community running even in difficult times. From doctors, nurses, policemen, waste collectors, postmen, all of these important jobs are recognised.

My little reader loves looking through this book – he’s fascinated by the different jobs that people do. The sweet illustrations of a diverse group of children role-playing the different key worker occupations keep his attention every time. Reading this together is a lovely way to talk about the important role keyworkers play in our society, as we rely on them more than we ever have before.