Jana Novotny Hunter

Jana Novotny Hunter was born in Czechoslovakia and grew up in England. A graduate of Hornsey College of Art, she spent many years in America where she worked as a Textile Designer, Teacher, Writer and Mum. Jana has written over fifty books for children, including the prize-winning story of a deaf girl’s struggle to become oral, ‘Read My Lips’. Now and author and an illustrator, Jana enjoys portraying strong characters who overcome obstacles with humour and imagination. Stories that youngsters can relate to are key to her writing. As a Conference Speaker and Lecturer, Jana focuses on the relationship between image and text in picture books, an expertise that has led to becoming an editor as well as a reviewer.

At home with kids, whatever their age, Jana loves to visit schools and libraries or run writing workshops. Her lively presentations are popular with both teachers and pupils, offering the kind of fun in learning that enhances and supports the National Curriculum. Usually found in her studio, where her Terrier is lulled to sleep by the clatter of the keyboard, Jana lives in a converted chapel in the Suffolk countryside with a man, dog and a piano, There, she is surrounded by sheep, cows and wild deer – a perfect place to write and draw.

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Published Books

  • My Tail’s Not Tired- Child’s Play International
  • A Bear Hug at Bedtime- Child’s Play International
  • Circus Girl- Child’s Play International
  • When Daddy’s Truck Picks Me Up- Albert Whitman & Company
  • I Have Feelings!- Mondo Pub
  • I Can Do it!- Lincoln Children’s Books
  • Little Ones Do!- Dutton Juvenile
  • It’s a Terrible Age To Be- Willowisp PR
  • Luna the Little Ghost- The Watts Publishing Group
  • Get Up, Ben!- Puffin Books
  • The Master of Miss Tree- Puffin Books
  • The Rainmakers Spell- Puffin Books
  • Hector the Spectre- Viking Children’s Books
  • Pet Detectives- Collins
  • It Belongs to Us- Hodder Wayland
  • The Big Rock Takeover- Hodder Wayland
  • Carnival Time- Hodder Wayland
  • The Monster Trail- Hodder Wayland
  • Back and Spin- Collins Educational
  • Sam and the Dragon- Collins Educational
  • Sam and the Detective- Collins Educational
  • Tortoise Trouble- Collins
  • The Ball Burglary- Collins
  • Star Boy’s Surprise- Collins
  • Sleepover Club- Harper Collins Children’s Books
  • Read my Lips- Walker Children’s Paperbacks
  • Groovy Chicks Diaries in the Wild- HarperCollins Children’s Books
  • Circus Crazy- HarperCollins Children’s Books
  • Top DJ- HarperCollins Children’s Books
  • Hollywood Star- HarperCollins Children’s Books
  • Baby’s Favourites
  • Toddles World