Barry Waldo

With over a decade of building brands at The Walt Disney Company and Mattel, Best Selling Author Barry Waldo is now creating his own unique worlds, most recently his picture book series Bear in a Bow Tie (The BEAR Who DARED; UnFROGettable Friends). Previously, he created and sold Star Darlings (MG book series and franchise) to his alma mater, Disney, and published his YA Novel, Anna and the Apocalypse.

Brandon started telling stories to his pets at a young age in rural Arkansas. He found a few people to listen to them when he got hired at Chuck E. Cheese to host birthday parties and play video games. After a few years counting beans, he wrote a short story and convinced some smart people to let him attend The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where he tested his public-school upbringing against his ivy league peers. It was there he discovered everyone wears their underwear the exact same way and earned an MBA.

Sunshine and surfboards sounded great, so Barry headed west, where he met Mickey Mouse. At The Walt Disney Company, he traveled the world marketing all things Winnie the Pooh

Toy land came a’ calling, and when he answered, it was Barbie inviting him to help produce her entertainment career. Mattel asked if he could create something… anything… from a sketch of three monsters. He crafted a freaky-just-got-fabulous world and Monster High was born. He met of the Black Eyed Peas while looking for a theme song for Monster High; soon he was working with the Beats master himself as his Chief Marketing Officer.

Addicted to creating stories with quirky characters, Barry and his partners created Star Darlings. The Walt Disney Company liked it so much they acquired it in 2015.

His spouse then screwed everything up by designing a television series called Outlander. Off they went to live in Scotland where he joined forces with talented filmmakers obsessed with zombies and his YA novel Anna and the Apocalypse was unborn.   

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Published Books

  • Anna and the Apocalypse- Imprint
  • The Bear Who Dared – Book 1 in the Bear in a Bow Tie Series (August 2023
  • El Oso Que Se Atrevio (Spanish Edition Book 1: March 2024)
  • UnFROGettable Friends – Book 2 in the series with Luis Fonsie (March 2024)
  • Amigos ExtraordiRANArios (Spanish Edition Book 2 – March 2024)

TV Credits

  • Monster High- Nickelodeon
  • Star Darlings- The Walt Disney Company